Property Management

Verve CRE: Arizona Property Management Services


Verve’s property management strategy is to maintain the overall quality of the improvements and foster superior tenant relationships, while minimizing the property’s operating expenses.


Today, Verve is one of the fastest growing commercial real estate firms in Metro Phoenix.


Verve’s experienced real estate professionals have the skills, tools and systems to proactively address problems and identify opportunities for each managed asset. Together, Verve and the building owner ensure that the real estate assets contribute to the achievement of each owner’s goals and strategies by reducing occupancy cost, alleviating the ownership from day-to-day oversight of the asset, increasing the institutional productivity and ability to focus on their other business, delivering uniformity of approach and utilizing Verve’s and purchasing power to provide services and supplies more efficiently and economically.


In short, Verve’s role in each property management assignment is to produce and sustain significant economic benefit to each owner’s asset by reducing cost, increasing profit and adding value.

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