The Role of Property Management Companies

Choosing A Property Management Company


Whether you’re buying, selling or leasing, you should know the role of Arizona commercial property management companies, so that you can ensure that you get the most out of your management company, from start to finish. All the way down the line, your management agency should be dedicated to providing you with the services you require, be it leasing or buying and selling your property.


Property management is defined as the oversight, control and operation of commercial, residential or industrial properties – where these properties are in need of being supervised and cared for to ensure their continuing good condition. When you hire a commercial property management company in Arizona, you should find one that exemplifies the qualities you need in their position as, essentially, the caretakers of your property, and can handle their role as caretaker efficiently, responsibly and with an eye for accountability.


What is the role of a property management firm?


First and foremost, your Arizona commercial property management agency is acting as a liaison between you and your tenant or tenants – this means they handle all the minor details involved in the tenancy agreement and provide you with a buffer from dealing with tenants. They should be able to handle tenant applications and screenings, including credit and background checks that cover rental and criminal history, as well as determining their individual ability to pay their rent on time. They will contract out the lease and accept rent through the necessary legal documentation, and provide necessary mitigation and remediation in the event of the various maintenance problems that will crop up a property’s lifetime. They generally operate within a set budget, and with a limited power of attorney agreement provided by you that stipulates the boundaries of their legal decision making; the PoA provides them with the express or inferred consent to manage the commercial property as they see fit.


Arizona commercial property management agencies are also typically responsible for the accounts and finances for the property or properties in question, as well as any litigation – whether initiated by themselves or tenants, contractors or insurance agents. Litigation may, however, be deferred to an attorney if need be. These litigations often include issues within the scope of landlord/tenant law, such as evictions, harassment, failure to pay, failure to perform contracted services, and public nuisance complaints. Because of the potential for these and other legal issues, you should always make sure that your commercial property management agency in Arizona is current across the board in the appropriate city, county, state and federal housing laws and practices, and has all the applicable licensing they need to practice in their city and state.


AZ Property Management for Commercial Use


When you’re looking to find the Arizona commercial property management agency that best fits your requirements for leasing, buying or selling commercial spaces, ensure that they are capable of fulfilling the duties their role entails them, as well as any other responsibilities you, as the client, need them to handle. Their fair housing practices, licensing and abilities all go to making up the type of management firm they are, which in turn translates to how they’ll handle your property should you hire them to manage it.


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